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Computer Trivia
( This section is still under development. )
Top Greatest PC's of All Time*
  1. Altair 8800: The machine that inspired a generation.
  2. Apple II: The definitive PC - at least until IBM joined the party.
  3. IBM PC AT: Set standards still in use today.
  4. Compaq Deskpro 386: Pioneered a new Intel processor before IBM did, inspiring a horde of other clone vendors.
  5. Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 100: The first successful notebook.
  6. Apple Machintosh 512K: The first truly useful Mac.
  7. Amiga: Did multimedia tricks in 1985 that today's PCs still can't do.
  8. Commodore 64: Possibly the most beloved computer of all time.
  9. IBM ThinkPad 560: Thin, light, and durable: our pick for the perfect travelling companion.
  10. Palm Pilot: Small is beautiful.

Ten Biggest Hardware Flops*
  1. IBM PCjr: Orphaned at an early age; famously awful keyboard.
  2. NeXT Machine: Sleek, black, and Unix-based; ten years ahead of its time.
  3. Apple Lisa: Suffice it to say that 2700 of them were buried in a landfill.
  4. IBM PS/2: Failed to take PC market away from the clones.
  5. The Net PC: Dumb and dumber terminals.
  6. The Network Computer: No Java, just jive.
  7. Newton MessagePad: Lookd kool, two bad it never learnd tous pell
  8. Pentop Computers: Write idea; wrong time, price and size.
  9. PowerPC: Once seen as an Intel killer; never more than just another Mac.
  10. Xerox Alto: Can you say "blown opportunity"?

Ten Greatest Software Packages*
  1. Netscape Navigator: Changed the Web forever.
  2. Electric Pencil: Father of all word processors.
  3. MS Excel: The last truly innovative program from Microsoft.
  4. dBASE II: Brought programming to the masses.
  5. HyperCard: Created hypertext-the glue that holds the Web together.
  6. XyWrite: The last great DOS word processor.
  7. VisiCalc: Proof that the PC meant business.
  8. Myst: We're still trying to finish it.
  9. PC-Talk: Communication package invented the shareware concept.
  10. DOS 1.0: Bill Gates does CP/M for IBM - and the rest is history.

Ten Biggest Software Flops*
  1. Microsoft Bob: Windows' half-wit cousin, now vacationing with Jimmy Hoffa.
  2. Apple Copland: Like Bigfoot, this Mac OS has never been seen in public.
  3. OS/2: Smothered by its half brother, Windows.
  4. WordPerfect for Windows 5.1: Slow and buggy; helped hand word processor market to Microsoft.
  5. Lion King CD-ROM: The nightmare after Christmas for many Mouseketeers.
  6. Microsoft Outlook 1.0: So big and slow, even Microsoft was embarrassed.
  7. RAM doublers: Nice idea, if they worked.
  8. MCI Mail: Could have been e-mail king, but hit the Web way too late.
  9. Apple EWorld: Remember this online service? Neither does anyone else.
  10. Windows CE 1.0: Windows on a palm PC? Kind of like stuffing a moose into a matchbox.

Reference: PCWorld US December 1999

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