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News Bits
Computer viruses to invade cellphones and broadband
The Love Bug Virus did billions of dollars of damage on computer systems worldwide, and the next stop for computer viruses are cellular phones. This was the assessment made by Steve Chang, founder and CEO of Trend Micro Inc., the largest anti-virus company in the world. "iMode of DoComo Japan has Java applets, and when attached files become popular on these devices, all computer viruses in the wire will go to the wireless world too," Chang said. Fortunately, Trend Micro has projects for this that look at content security on wireless devices.

Indian wins $10 million jackpot on Internet lottery
Mohammed Karim Basha is the first winner of FreeLotto's $10 million jackpot on the Internet. Basha will be paid over the next 10 years in installments. PlasmaNet, Inc. in New York City a year ago, says more than three million people around the world have won cash and prizes by playing the free lottery on The company said there have been $5 million winners from the United States and one from Malaysia.

UK: First hand-transplant man begs to cut off his hand
The recipient of the world's first transplanted hand is begging doctors to cut it off, saying the limb has been rejected by his body and he feels "mentally detached" from it. Clint Hallam, a 50-year-old New Zealander, underwent a 13-hour operation in Lyon, France, in September 1998, to receive the hand of a dead French motorcyclist to replace his own hand, lost in an accident 14 years earlier. But, the hand has been rejected by his body, despite increasing doses of anti-rejection drugs that have caused diabetes, nausea and weight loss. In addition, the tendons have fused together on the back of the hand, however, the French-led team, led by Jean-Michel Dubernard of the Herriot Hospital in Lyon, are refusing to amputate the hand.

Bug caught in Netscape's Browser
A flaw in Netscape Communications Corp.'s Internet browser software discovered last August, could let malicious hackers retrieve and view any directory or locally store file on a victim's computer. But corporations using basic security measures such as filtering software and properly configured firewalls should have at least some measure of protection against it, security analysts said. 

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Isn't it nice to know ...
  • How the Flipino generic tag 'Juan de la Cruz' was coined?
  • Which dog bites the most? the least?
  • Who's the only person in the world who can travel without a visa?
  • How a boxing arena became a ring when it's actually a square?
  • When's the best time of the day to but a pair of shoes?
  • How high is the world's tallest mountain, Mount Everest?
  • Who is the first Pinoy to ride an airplane?

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