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Tree of Knowledge
Animals & Plants
What is the fastest animal on Earth?

Find out all about the mysteries of the plant kingdom, and uncover some strange relationships. Discover which animals are in danger, and what you can do to help.

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The Human Body
Did you know that your heart pumps over 2,000 liters of blood every hour?

This section takes you on a unique voyage of discovery, exposing every fascinating detail of how our bodies work.

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Science & Technology
What country is the biggest producer of oil?

Well-researched articles explain how science has helped man through the ages, from early scientists using their primitive experiments to explain the world, to state of the art computer technology.

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Art & Man
Did you know that Mozart had composed (or arranged) a wide range of music of 626 works?

Discover the world of art through the ages: how the great artists, writers and composers of the past lived and worked; and what part computers have played in today's technological wizardry.

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Planet Earth
What continent has 90% of the world's ice?

Explore the planet from the misty heights of the atmosphere, across the vast continents to the depths of the oceans, and learn all about how our planet is made and what keeps it turning timelessly in space.

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World History
Where was the first atomic bomb tested?

Outstanding historical events and influential world leaders are closely examined in exciting detail to show their importance in shaping the world as we know today.

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